If it is true that survival favors those with the greatest ability to adapt, then organizations need exceptional leadership in order to keep up with innovation in the cloud and mobile markets. Most enterprise organizations are not equipped to refresh technology every year. However, the marketplace is changing and growing that quickly.

EFIIA® has been a thought leader in the mobile and cloud spaces well before buzzwords like “secure containers” or “app wrapping” were conceptualized by large private sector corporations. Our focus continues to be exploring what is realistic in the next 6 months, not regurgitating what happened during the last 18 months.

Below are some highlights of what Efiia has been working on.

  • Efiia and AWS announce a Cloud Program Management Office that delivers NIST-compliant cloud computing services with an Authority to Operate in under six months

  • Efiia launches a Mission Mobility coalition to implement hardened NIAP-compliant mobile apps specifically designed to protect the government from nation state attacks

  • Efiia partners with Apple, AWS, and Monkton to deliver an enterprise Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaas) solution for Department of Defense

  • Efiia announces a cloud-based Citizen Engagement vertical based on Okta and SailPoint that enables government to identity proof and engage with millions of citizens in real time

  • Efiia and Monkton develop a Mission Mobile App Blueprint for Department of Defense, estabishing a repeatable process for deploying secure mission apps

  • Efiia and Amazon Web Services deliver the first Transit Virtual Private Cloud (Transit VPC) for civilian government

  • Efiia and Monkton design the first mobile apps to be integrated with DISA Purebred, the DOD PKI authentication standard

  • Efiia and AWS deliver the first National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-53 Quick Start reference deployment for civilian government

  • Efiia and Monkton implement the first NIAP-compliant derived credential mobile application for government, and sign a contract for Common Criteria evaluation with NSA authorized lab

  • Efiia deploys a cloud-based collaboration solution for Department of Justice that connects internal and external stakeholders spanning over 100 CONUS and OCONUS organizations

  • Efiia delivers an automated mobile app vetting baseline for use by all of government, based on mobile guidelines published by DOD, DHS, NSA, and NIST

  • Efiia announces its specification for a mobile app vetting algorithm based on the DOD Security Requirements Guide (SRG), at the Apple iOS Security Working Group

  • Efiia implements a scalable attribute-based access control solution that employs fine-grained access control on iOS and Android devices, in alignment with US Government ICAM standards

  • Efiia meets with Apple executives in Cupertino to propose modifications to their Business to Business program that would make dealing with government procurement cycles easier

  • Efiia and Secretary Chertoff address the first anniversary of the Government Technology & Services Coalition (GTSC), driving membership and participation from over 90 companies

  • Efiia formalizes its strategic relationship with Apple Inc. as a certified Apple Professional Services Provider (PSP), for government and commercial use

  • Efiia submits its patent for our methodology for deploying mobile in Government (USPTO 13/396,475), the first of its kind

  • Efiia publishes the first ever business app for Government to the iTunes AppStore: mPlan™ Creator Lite

  • Efiia conducts its first mPlan strategy workshop with US Marine Corps, engaging participation from security, privacy, operations, and the mission

  • Efiia publishes cloud security frameworks to the public in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Staff

  • Efiia engages with Development Seed and LRW to build the first FIPS 140-2 encrypted geospatial app for government

  • Efiia and DHS collaborate with senior national security stakeholders to implement a hardened mobile and cloud information sharing platform, in response to the 2009-H1N1 pandemic

  • Efiia engages with dozens of US Government and private sector partners to develop mPlan, an enterprise mobile strategy framework for use by all of government